Export All Documents from a Project/Permit/Violation/License/Address

You can export all of the documents from a LAMA object (project, permit, violation, address, etc.) with all their LAMA file names and in their LAMA folder structures. 

Go to the Documents tab on the object you would like to export from:

At the bottom of the Document form, click on the Export icon:

LAMA will let you browse to the folder you would like to upload the documents to. If there are any Word (.doc or .docx) or Excel (.xls or .xlsx) files, LAMA will ask whether you would like to convert them to PDF format. If the exported documents are going to be shared with members of the public, it's a good idea to check Yes to convert the files.


LAMA will ask whether you would like to open the folder where you exported the documents to - if you're going to create a zip file of all the documents, it's a good idea to check Yes.


If you would like to zip the exported folder (e.g. to email it to someone, upload it to a public record request, etc.), move up one folder from the folder that opened when you chose Yes for "Show Export Folder?". In this example, the exported folder is named "Permit 20-47901-DEMO (DEMO-COMM) Documents" and it's saved inside a folder named "Exports". Clicking on "Exports" in the file explorer address bar will move to that folder:


After moving to the higher folder, right-click on the folder name of the permit/license/address/etc. documents, then click the Send to menu option in the right-click menu, and select Compressed (zipped) folder:


Windows will create a compressed file with the same file name as your folder, but it is actually a .zip file. One way to tell the difference is that the .zip file icon is a folder icon with a zipper running down it:


Unlike folders, .zip files can be emailed as an attachment (if they're not too large).


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