Quick Searches

There are two quick ways to search for LAMA items above the grid section. The quickest is the Search Box:

You can search almost any LAMA field (permit/license/case/etc number, reference code, names, addresses, description keywords) by entering your search term in this box and hitting the Enter key on your keyboard.


When you use the Search Box for searches that might return multiple results, LAMA will limit the number of results you see based on the Row Numbers you have selected above the grid. See the Row Number help topic for more information on this feature.


This Search Box can only be used to search complete words or numbers. A complete word or number is everything up to either a space or a dash. For example:

Can't Search:

  • 1300 Perd (for 1300 Perdido)
  • 17-40 (for any permit beginning with those digits)
  • 103-18 (for any planning case with that number, regardless of its case-type prefix, e.g. ZD103-18 vs DR103-18)

Can Search:

  • 1300 Perdido (you don't need to type out 1300 Perdido St)
  • 17-40123 or 40123-RNVN (you don't need to include a prefix or suffix if it's separated by a dash)

The Search Box can recognize phonetically similar contact names in many cases (but the names still have to be complete).

If you need to search for any partial strings of characters (as in the "Can't Search" examples above), you can still use the "Binocular" Quick Search"

Clicking on the binocular icon next to the search box will open the Quick Search Form for whichever module you're using at the time:

The Quick Search Form can be used both to search for partial words/numbers, and for multiple criteria at one time - including flags. It will also ignore the number of rows you have selected, and return all possible matches in the grid.

Another valuable thing to know about both types of quick searches is that the Location search is based on the string of characters you type, not on a GIS match. This is useful when you need to find an item that has a different Address Label than it's actual GIS location - for instance, when a GIS update to add a new address point is pending, or a special event occurring in a park or on a neutral ground. 


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