Mark Documents Public (or not public)

Making a permit, project, or license document public in LAMA means that it will be viewable online in the One Stop App. 

To change a documents public/non-public status, you must either be an administrator in the module you're using, or be Lead Staff for that particular object.

You can make yourself Lead Staff on a permit/project/license even if you're not an administrator. See the instruction to add someone as Lead Staff here.

Go to the Documents tab of the permit/project/license form and find the document you would like to make public. Right-click on the file name, and select Properties.

Under Viewing Access on the Document Information form, check the box next to Public Web CRM to make the document viewable online, or uncheck the box to remove it from online view.

Public documents will have a small shopping cart icon next to them. Non-public documents won't have an icon next to them at all.


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