Search by Detail Value

In Permits, Licenses, Work Orders, and Planning Projects, it's possible to search for a case or cases based on detail values (sorry, Violations).

Open Quick Search from the Search button on the menu bar above the grid, and then click the Advanced Search button near the bottom of the Quick Search form. This example is taken from the License module, but the process is the same in the other modules.

In the Advanced License Search form that opens, go to the Details tab.

You'll need to know your detail's Classification to begin - those are the category headers shown in beige on the Details tab in the object's form, and the options in the tree view if you open Manage Details.

When you click on the Detail Property button, a new row will be opened in the search grid where you can select your Classification from the drop-down list.

Once your Classification is selected, all of the details that fall under that Classification will be available in the drop-down list under Property.

Next, you'll be able to select an Operator. There are different operators available for different types of details:

  • Numbers and Dates: =, >, <, <=, >=
  • Text: =, LIKE
  • Checkbox: =

Finally, under the Value heading, you can type in (or select, if the detail has a drop-down list) the value you're searching for.

If you have more detail criteria that you'd like to search by, you can repeat this process by going back down to the Detail Property button near the bottom of the form.

NOTE: Pay close attention to whether you have "And" or "Or" selected!

For instance, if you want to search for taxis that are either Toyotas or Hondas, you can add the same detail Classification and property twice, with "Toyota" as one value and "Honda" as the other, but if you select And instead of Or, you'll get no results, because no car is both a Toyota and Honda.

On the other hand, if you want to search for white Toyotas, make sure you have And selected, otherwise you'll get a list of all the taxis that are Toyotas (of any color) and all white cars (of any make).

When you have all of your detail criteria entered, you have two choices: Run Query and Save Query.

Run Query will send all the licenses that have the details you're searching for directly to the grid.

Save Query will both send all the matching licenses to the grid and let you save the search in your Query Tree. If you know you'll have to run the same query multiple times (e.g. for a monthly or weekly report), Save Query can save a lot of time. If it's a case where you'll have different criteria every time you search, however, you won't be able to change those each time you run it.

After you save the query, click the Run Query button. You'll see the results in the grid, and the title you chose in your Query Tree. For more on customizing your Query Tree views, see the instructions here.



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