How to update your City email password on your Android phone

Each time you change your City password (the one you log into Windows with), it will also need to be changed on your phone in order to go on receiving and sending email. Normally, you will be prompted the next time you open Email on your phone after changing your password in Windows. If you miss that prompt, however, follow these steps to change your password.

  1. Open the Email app. Normally it will open in your Inbox. Tap Inbox to get to your general Mailbox screen:

  2. In the Mailbox screen, tap Settings:

  3. Tap your account to get to more settings:

  4. Scroll all the way down the next screen, to Exchange server settings:

  5. In the Exchange server settings screen, you can enter your new Windows password, and double-check that your you still have the correct email address, domain and username, and exchange server name. It should look like the settings below:


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