Search by List

If you have a list of permit/license/violation/projects, you can search for all of them at once by using the Select by List feature in LAMA's quick search form.

To open the quick search form in the module you want to search, click on the binoculars icon above the grid:

The Select by List link is near the bottom of the form, just above the OK button:

You can choose from several identifiers: 

  • ID (the database ID, not the public permit/license/etc number - shown as PrmtID, LicID, etc. in the grid, e.g. 766447 in the example above)
  • Location / Address (the text street address)
  • Parcel PIN (taxbill number)
  • GIS Polygon ID (the parcel geopin)
    • Tracking / Reference # (the 6-character unique tracking ID, e.g. HAP8J7 in the example above)
  • Permit/License/etc. number (the actual permit/license/etc. number, e.g. 18-20684-RNVN)

Paste the list of items you're searching for in the Edit Note form that opens, and then click Save and Close:

Note: there are limits on very large numbers of items. If you have a list of thousands of items, you will probably need to search for them in smaller chunks.

Everything that matches an item in your list will be displayed in the grid at the same time, so you can move through them more easily than searching for each item one at a time:


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