Change Default PDF Viewer in RemoteApps

Adobe Acrobat does not work properly for viewing PFDs in RemoteApps. Foxit is another PDF reader, and should be the default application for opening PDFs, but sometimes the default application is reset to Acrobat. To be able to view PDFs from LAMA again, you’ll need Foxit to be your default.

  1. Find a permit/license/project/etc. that has one or more PDFs
  2. At the very bottom of the Documents tab, click the “Export” button:
  3. Select “Desktop” (or other folder, if you want to save it elsewhere) and click OK:
  4. At the prompt: “Documents were successfully exported. Show Export Folder?”, click Yes:
  5. Right-click on any PDF in the folder, hover over “Open with” to get to the opening menu, and click “Choose another app” (do NOT select any of the listed apps above “Search the Store” on this step, or you won’t have the option to set a new default!):
  6. Select Foxit Reader from the list of apps, and check the box next to “Always use this app to open .pdf files”, and then click OK:



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