Customer is unable to pay

The most common questions about online payment are:

  • I can't find a "Pay Fees" link
    • Check whether the customer is logged in - only logged-in users can make payments
    • Check the status of the permit/license/project in LAMA - all case types require one or more events to have already been completed (check ready-to-pay statuses)
  • I try to add the fees to my cart, but the shopping cart pages says that the fees aren't ready for payment
    • Check the status of the permit/license/project in LAMA - the user may be using the drop-down option to pay for selected items because they don't see a "Pay Fees" link (check ready-to-pay statuses)
  • I can't find my permit/license/project
    • If the customer filed their application online using the same web account they're using when they try to pay, they can find their item by going to Your Account and then to Your Items - the item should be at or near the top of their list if it was recently approved (navigating to Your Items)
    • If the customer didn't originally file the application online, or someone else filed the application, they can use the Search box at the top of the screen and find their item using an address, reference code, or permit/license number
  • I'm getting an error message when I enter my credit card information
    • The most common error is caused by using an address that doesn't match the card's billing address - the error message in this case includes the phrase "AVS mismatch" - help the customer find the Specify my Billing Information button to make a change for just this payment, or to find Update Account Information to change the mailing address associated with their web account


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