Ready-to-Pay Statuses (for online payments)

When an item has one or more fees that are eligible for payment, logged-in users will see a "Pay Fees" link beneath their permit/license/project title line when they find their permit/license/project on their "Your Items" page, or by searching:


All fees have a minimum number of events that must be complete before we can accept payment online:


All permits fees, except for the following exceptions, must belong to a permit application at Permit Approved status for their fees to be paid. Exceptions:

  • Street Dedication Application must have Application Submitted completed
  • Dumpster Violation Fee must have Application Review completed
  • Mechanical Permit Violation must have Application Review completed
  • Council Demolition (both types) must have Application Review completed
  • Police Pension Fund (both types) must have Application Review completed
  • Revenue Parade Permit (both types) must have Application Review completed


  • all GTB license types must have Application Filed completed
  • Moving Equipment and Moving Equipment - Wasted Trip fees must have Annual Inspection completed
  • all other license types must have Approved completed


All project fees must belong to a project application at Application Submitted status


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