Basic Search

There is a text box at the top-right of the screen/window, inside the blue stripe (mobile users need to tap a menu button).


Users can search by:

  • a full or partial permit/license/project/violation number (e.g. 20-12345-RNVN, 20LTG-55555, etc.)
  • a reference code - all permits/licenses/projects/violations have a unique 6-character code - permit and license numbers aren't displayed publicly until the application is approved and issued, but reference codes are viewable and searchable online
  • the name of a person or company associated with an item (e.g. applicant, contractor, architect, etc.)
  • the street address of the item (for items that are address-based, e.g. building permits, occupational licenses, etc.)
    * do not include city, state, and zip in an address search - just the house number, street, and apartment/unit (if applicable) *

Some street name spellings have been updated by GIS since the launch of the One Stop Shop, and some imported records have misspellings or alternate spellings, so multiple combinations of some street names may need to be tried.

The Search button must be clicked or tapped on after entering a search term - the Enter key on a regular keyboard and the "Go" button on a mobile keyboard don't do anything.


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